Tuesday, 12 February 2013


So Long Ago ... 



Well it has been exactly 12 months since I wrote anything.  Last year for Valentines my husband took me to our local nursery.  This is no ordinary nursery.  It is in an elderly lady's backyard.  She lives on a large acreage that looks out from the island across the Channel towards Mt Wellington.  Here, in what was probably once grazing land, she has created an amazing garden and from this garden she takes enough cuttings, seeds, bulb divisions, etc to propogate the plants locals are then able to purchase.  Arrival is always heralded by the two resident Jack Russells who after much barking and tail wagging then roll over for a tummy scratch. On the odd days when I am well enough to escape the house this is one Island place I like to go. Ruth loves to share her knowledge and revels in having the younger generation take an interest in gardenning .... and I know the plants are going to give me much future joy. 
 Upon returning home we made two small semicircular gardens in front of the studio using some of the load of rocks I received for Christmas.  It was a long wait but finally, around December the little garden came to fruition ... and I think it is the loveliest Valentines gift I was ever given.  Not because it looks lovely ... but because every time I look at it I remember that my husband took time out to create something with me, something he knew would give me some pleasure and provide a little distraction from from this day after day life of illness... of being stuck in the house. I know that in his own way he "gets it".  He wasn't always so patient, so willing to share these kind of moments and that's what makes it even more special.  I am not the only one who has learned to appreciate the more simple things of life, the value of each other and family and the concept of living in the present.